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A New Start...

Welcome to David The Celebrant's Website

Thanks for visiting my website. Having never designed one of these before, this is a bit of an adventure for me, but then I've been setting out on a few of those recently!

After working in HR management for over 30 years I wanted a new challenge, and I always enjoyed standing up in front of large groups of staff to deliver training, so doing something with an element of presentation in it was never going to be an issue. I had a notion that I'd like to do something which let me utilise my people skills, but that would also help me make a positive difference in their lives.

A couple of friends who had been working as Humanist Celebrants for some time suggested that I might enjoy doing the same and I applied to the charity Humanist Society Scotland in November of 2019. After an intensive recruitment process I was delighted to be offered a place on the training, which was due to begin in March 2020. The World, it seemed, had other plans...

Fast forward to the beginning of 2022 and, with the pandemic finally showing signs of slowing down, my training was finally rescheduled to start. We began by learning about naming (or welcoming) ceremonies. A couple of intensive days training were followed up by us writing and delivering a real naming ceremony in front of a group of our peers and assessors. Not scary at all then!

I was delighted to pass the assessment, and to be confirmed as a Registered Humanist Celebrant with Humanist Society Scotland. I am now able to deliver humanist naming ceremonies, and I hope later this year to complete the required training to enable me to deliver humanist weddings and then also humanist funerals.

So now the real work begins, and that's where you, Dear Readers, come in...

Please do get in contact with me if you are planning, or even just thinking about having a naming ceremony. You might be a parent who is looking for an opportunity to welcome a child formally to your family. Perhaps you have recently adopted a child and want to celebrate their arrival with your family and friends?

Maybe you have recently gone through transition and want a way of celebrating being able to live your authentic life amongst those you love?

Whatever the occasion, I would be delighted to sit down with you, listen to your story, and discuss ways we could build a ceremony that will be a memorable, unique and joyous celebration for all involved.

I very much look forward to hearing from you!


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