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Tribute to a remarkable lady

This afternoon I conducted the funeral of a wonderful lady who had reached the grand age of 92. She loved to chat about the issues of the day and had a number of “go-to” sayings and questions which she frequently used – delivered in a broad Irish accent:

“I’ve been peeling potatoes since I was 8 years old”

“You’d need a PHD to work this out”

“Plain fare, you can’t beat it”

And my favourite, “Don’t mention the trams!”

She was a nurse, but was never overly impressed when her children had ailments. When her younger son broke his foot as a wee boy she told him to put a slipper on it and get off to school, as he wasn’t getting a day of his lessons!

It was a real privilege to share these and many other lovely stories about her remarkable achievements during the celebration of her life. And to cap it all, it was a gloriously sunny day in Edinburgh!

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