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The First Wedding!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

So there I was, just in from walking the dog on Thursday afternoon, when I got a message from one of my celebrant chums... Her hubby has Covid, she's feeling really grotty and expecting to test positive any minute, and she has a wedding happening about 5 mins from my front door on Saturday... would I be happy to step in and conduct the wedding in her place?


A quick Zoom call with the happy couple on Friday to introduce myself and go through the ceremony with them and then a mad dash to sort out something fabulous to deliver my first official wedding in, and we were off...

The venue was the stunning Melville Castle, which honestly is about 5 mins from our front door here in Dalkeith! I actually walk Nova in the huge grounds here every morning - and even filmed my wee "wedding celebrant introduction" video standing outside the venue! Talk about fate...

On arriving I introduced myself to the venue wedding co-ordinator and explained that I was the replacement celebrant. She was lovely, and went through everything with me so that I was aware of what was happening and when in terms of the set up. As I walked into the room where I was about to conduct my first ever marriage my heart had a wee flutter... I'd been waiting 3 years to do this, and now it was finally happening!

The ceremony itself went brilliantly. There were smiles, tears, laughs and we all sang John Denver's "Annie's Song"! I absolutely LOVED the whole experience. The happy couple were marvellous, as was their lovely blended family who all had roles to play on the day.

An then, just like that, I had pronounced them husband and wife and moments later they were off back down the aisle to cheering, whooping and thunderous applause.

Huge congratulations to the very lovely Lindsay and Mike! I wish them all the love and luck in the world as they head off into married life together.

And as for me... well, I'm a fully fledged Wedding Celebrant now. Woo Hoo!!!

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