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A busy year!

Photo: Katie Blair Matthews

2023 has been my first full year of being a registered celebrant with Humanist Society Scotland and it's been fantastically busy.

By the end of December I'll have delivered 59 weddings as well as a number of funerals, and I have to say that I'm absolutely LOVING working alongside such fab folk to deliver their ceremonies, and I'm really delighted to be getting some wonderful reviews too.

This week been working on the reviews page of my website ( so please do have a wee look at the wonderfully kind and humbling comments that people have left about the ceremonies I have delivered for them.

On Sunday I joined many of my celebrant colleagues in Glasgow for our annual "Gathering", which afforded a great opportunity to catch-up, chat about work as well as meeting other new celebrants.

Photo: Steven Webb Photography

My diary for 2024 is already choc-a-block with bookings, and I've also taken a large number of bookings for 2025 over the past couple of months, as well as a few as far away as 2026!

Whilst I was keen to gain as much experience as I could during my first full year of celebrating, I've managed to block out some time for holidays next year. This week I've got my first weekend free since early May, and I'm heading over to Amsterdam to catch up with friends and enjoy a Eurovision show!

Once I'm back I have two more weddings this month before my final two weddings of the year which take place in December (one of which is on December 30th, so almost a Hogmanay wedding!).

Stay warm, everyone!

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